21 September 2014

The Interfaith Centre of Melbourne invites you to An Interspiritual Gathering for Peace in celebration of the UN International Day of Peace on Sunday 21st September, 2014, from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm. Dr Nicholas Coleman, Deputy Director of the Interfaith Centre of Melbourne will lead this Interspiritual Gathering.

Murshida Nuria, National Director, The International Sufi Movement in Australia will be the Guest Speaker for this event.

There will be Sacred music and reflections offered by Cath Connelly, Celtic Harpist, Dr Visier Sanyu Meyasetsu, Angami Naga Chants, and Ami Hasson, Musician and Sound Healing Meditations.


Armagh, 226 Kooyong Road Toorak
(Short walk from Toorak Road Tram)

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Cath Connelly

Cath Connelly has been playing the Celtic harp professionally since 1998. She is now considered one of Australia’s leading Celtic harpers, with her career flourishing since claiming 3rd prize (Seniors Division) in the 2004 Turlough O’Carolan Harp Competition, Nobber, County Meath, Ireland.

Murshida Nuria

Nuria is the National Representative of the International Sufi Movement in Australia and has led Sufi groups and retreats for many years.

The Sufism of Hazrat Inayat Khan is a form of Universal Sufism which really conveys the mystical base of all religions, without being a religion itself. There is no dogma but we seek a gradual evolution of the spirit through our practice.

Dr Visier Sanyu Meyasetsu

Dr Visier Sanyü Meyasetsu is an indigenous tribal person from Nagaland. His people, the Nagas, live in North East India and Burma.

He has been involved with the Interfaith movement for many years and was an Advisor for the 2009 Parliament of World’s Religions in Melbourne.

Ami Hasson

Ami Hasson was born In Israel. He is a Musician, Reiki & Sound Therapist. Ami has produced a multitude of multicultural music concerts, sound healing workshops and events. Among them is ‘Harmonious Gathering’ which included many well known instrumentalists from around Australia.